Our team of highly qualified arborists assess your trees and generate reports identifying issues, illnesses, symptoms and prognosis

A1 Tree Services can provide a full arborists tree report to identify the exact species of tree and assess the condition of the tree. We can also identify any illnesses related to pests or disease can recommend an effective method of treatment. In some cases, a tree report can save a tree from being removed unnecessarily.

A1 Tree Services also offers a consulting service for help and advice on a range of options when it comes to vegetation management.


Our arborist services include:

Arborist reports and advice from expert consulting tree doctors

A range of tailored and detailed tree reports

Guidance from an arboriculturist on the impact of construction

Tree preservation and tree protection measures

Maintain industry required clearances between trees and powerlines.

New tree selection, tree planning and tree contractor management

Consulting arborist reports, council liaisons and tree risk management

Tree health care advice from our tree doctors including tree pest and disease guidance


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