A1 Tree Services is well equipped to handle emergency or storm damage works.

In the case of branches coming down in a storm or trees falling over, A1 Tree Services have a vast range of options for attending to emergency / storm damage works. We can also arrange for preventative tree removal or pruning works to be carried out to protect your property or assets from damage in the event of a storm or emergency.

During a storm event it is possible your property may sustain damage from fallen trees. There is nothing worse than having substantial damage done to your home in the middle of a cold wet stormy night. To ensure your house is made safe, and the damage is cleaned up in the shortest time possible, we offer the following advice:


Fallen tree or storm damage checklist:

Remove yourself and your family from danger and make the area safe. Do not attempt to remove the fallen tree by yourself.

Ring your insurance company. Most insurance companies have 24/7 claims lines. Obtain a claim number or reference number.

Your insurance company will give you directions on the next step.

If your insurance company is happy to proceed with A1 Tree Services, either the insurance company or yourself will need to provide us with the claim number before our crew is dispatched.

A1 Tree Services can attend as soon as possible to remove the fallen tree and make your property safe.


When a tree fails in a storm situation your insurance company may only only cover that part of the tree that has failed, e.g. if one branch fails then that branch will be removed, if the whole tree fails then the tree may be removed to the point where the stump remains in the ground. Stump removal is at the discretion of your insurance company.


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