A1 Tree Services team with the power company to manage vegetation near powerlines and avoid outages and bushfires

Throughout the year we work closely with the Power Company (Tas Networks) to plan ahead to manage vegetation near powerlines to reduce the risk of power outages and potential bushfires caused by vegetation falling on, or coming into contact with, powerlines. We supply Continuous vegetation management services to:


Reduce the potential harm to people, damage to property or the local environment.

Minimises tree-related power supply interruptions.

Reduce the incidence of vegetation contacting powerlines and potentially causing bushfires.

Where practical, trimming is carried out to meet the Australian Standards which may require branches be cut back to growth points.

Maintain industry required clearances between trees and powerlines.

Give advice on correct tree species to plant near powerlines.

Reduce a tree's proximity to powerlines to maintain clearance distances may mean some trees may need to be removed completely.

Maintain powerline easements in the interest of public safety and continual power supply.


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