Tree management and maintenence helps protect and lengthen the life of your trees

A1 Tree services provides the following services to domestic and commercial clients for the purposes of management & maintenance of trees to help protect them from disease and pests:

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Formative pruning of limbs that may require annual or bi-annual pruning Regular pruning of trees allows trees to expose the centre of the trees to sunlight and can be very healthy way of sustaining the life of the tree and protecting it from damage as the tree gets older. Newly planted trees should be pruned to compensate for root loss and to begin training the trees for shape.


Trimming of limbs & branches which are slightly larger than the branches covered under the formative pruning such as uplifting trees will increase the sun exposure and air circulation throughout the tree and underlying landscape which will improve the trees health - decorative shaping of conifers etc also helps to improve the overall appearance of the tree and keeps if from developing weak and broad branches.

Crown Reductions

Reduction of the crown of the tree to reduce the height of the tree. Crown reduction trimming is usually done with trees that have been abused by the weather conditions or may suffer and illness and need major branches removed. Branches may also be threatening power lines and structures close by

Dead Wooding / Hazard Tree Pruning

Removal of all old deadwood from the tree in high traffic areas such as parks & schools etc. This type of work is for the trees with safety concerns such as branches that measure more that 50mm that may cause injury or damage or trees that may have dead limbs that could potentially come down in contact with powerlines or property in the event of a storm.

Vegetation Clearing

A1 tree Services offers vegetation clearing for a number of circumstances whether it be around powerlines or poles, waterways or dams, boundary lines, buildings or dwellings, A1 Tree services can offer a variety of services in relation to vegetation clearing including pruning or full removal of trees and hedges, full clean-up of site removal of all branches or mulching to log removal.

Mulch Sales & Service

All works carried out in relation to pruning or tree removal can in most cases be mulched on site and either left or removed from site depending on customer's requirements. A1 Tree services also offers bulk mulch sales to the public.

Tree lopping can be risky but we've got you covered

Due to the height and heaviness of trees, tree lopping can be risky business. Our internationally certified team of arborists go to great lengths to ensure that trees are safely removed without any damage to property. Additionally, A1 Tree Services is fully insured giving every customer complete peace of mind that they are covered against even the most unforeseeable catastrophe. As an even greater measure of assurance, each member of the A1 Tree Services team is fully covered by worker's compensation insurance, meaning our customers would never be liable if any of our team is accidentally injured whilst on their property.


We treat your property as if it were our own

We treat our customers' homes with the utmost respect. Rest assured that if the A1 Tree Services team visit your property we clean up after ourselves. All branches, stumps and other waste is either put into a wood-chipper on site or removed completely. In fact, the only evidence of our presence we leave behind is a satisfied customer over a job well done.