Stump removal and grinding eliminates trip hazards and provides a stable environment for property improvements.

A1 Tree services offer a stump removal service once the trees have been removed. Trees can be removed to ground level and the stumps and roots then removed to below ground level with the aid of the stump grinder, depending on the customer's needs.

Once a tree has been removed, its actual stump may still be buried deep in the ground. If you do not remove it in time, it may sit there rotting and causing a range of issues. For one, it can easily become a home for ants, termites, and other pests. It can also get in the way of your landscaping and paving plans, or worse, it can trip children and adults alike.


The benefits of stump grinding & removal:

The process grinds the stump down past the ground level allowing for top soil to be placed over it utilising lawn or garden areas

Especially good for lawn areas

Removes the need for large machinery digging big holes in the lawn

Removes trip hazard for children, adults and the elderly

Eliminates that troublesome stump causing damage to lawn mower

Prevents ants and other pests building nests in your lawn


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